peinture décorative
lieux : Église St-Rémi – Accès rue de l’Intendant & rue M. Zwaab de 12h à 18h30 22


Greet Vandewynckele earned a diploma for master painter at the Meylemans Institute. Over the course of this training she learned to apply a variety of old techniques to decorate churches, castles and mansions using only high-quality watercolors and oil paints .She accept small and personal projects such as wood-and marble painting, Faux-bronze, turtle and stone, letter painting, « trompe l’oeil » and gilding.

Her portfolio consists of:

  • wood- and marble painting
  • Faux bronze, turtle and stone
  • patinating, gilding and polychromies
  • trompe l’oeil and chinoiserie
  • gilding and letter painting